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Envisioning the future of learning

November 10, 2021 from Noon to 5:00 PM

As the nation and the world continues to move forward from the pandemic, we strive to define what the next steps are. What changes need to occur to get people back to the office or to build hybrid teams.

There are many reasons why people do want to continue working remotely. Among those are child care issues, more flexible hours, no commuting, and a better life style. 

At the same time, people want to return to an office for collaboration, real face to face time, and improved technology than what they had a home.

What then are some solutions? Register here  https://midnjatd.org/event-4380458

Showcase Sponsor

Interested in sponsoring the Mid NJ ATD Tech Showcase and generating brand awareness and visibility? Check out our Sponsor Kit here: https://midnjatd.org/event-4422969 and then register as a sponsor! Spots are limited!

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