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If learning is a science, effectiveness claims should be subject to the same verification standards as other scientific fields.

Fortunately, research in cognitive science and neuroscience over the past 20 years has helped us gain a much better understanding of how people actually learn. Unfortunately, we often ignore, or are unaware of, this research and our day-to-day practice is highly susceptible to the allure of seemingly plausible, but untested, ideas, fads and hype.

In this workshop we will take a scientific look at a number of learning strategies and technologies and reveal what the research literature says about their effectiveness.

Make your training programs more effective by learning what works!


Steven Just is the Chief Learning Officer of Intela Learning (www.intelalearning.com). Previously he was the founder and CEO of Pedagogue Solutions, the premier assessment management system company, which he sold to a leading Learning Management System company.

Dr. Just has a master’s degree in computer science, a doctorate in educational psychology and over 25 years’ experience creating learning and assessment strategies using the latest research in cognitive science.

He has taught hundreds of workshops, is a regular contributor to FOCUS, the professional magazine of the Life Science Trainers and Educators Network (LTEN) and is a member of the LTEN Editorial Advisory Board.

He also teaches full day workshops on the science of learning and assessment.

Steven Just
Intela Learning

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