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Multibridges is a new microlearning platform for quickly building, deploying, and reporting on microlearning courses within organizations. It emphasizes rapid development, interactivity, and accountability. This session will show participants how to use the platform and give them the opportunity to try it for free.

Jay Kellett - Founder and Developer of Multibridges- Jay builds simple corporate training and tools that solve complex problems. He holds an MS in instructional technology from Bloomsburg University where he has taught LMS Administration and speaks regularly at the corporate advisory council. He has designed courses for a variety of professional industries from medical to federal, developed a corporate learning management system (ttlms.com), is a full-stack web application developer, and has co-authored several books on web technologies.

Jay Kellett
Blue Box Software
Multibridges: http://www.multibridges.com
Developed by Jay Kellett: jay@blueboxsw.com

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