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At the Moment of Need: The Case for Performance Support White Paper-courtesy of the eLearning Guild

June 6, 2013 by Marc Rosenberg

As jobs become more complex, workers not only need better and faster access to knowledge as they do their work, they require direct performance support. In this white paper, Marc J. Rosenberg examines the business case for performance support and explores frameworks for implementing it.

It is increasingly becoming very clear that even the best training, including eLearning, cannot succeed if we are constantly sending well-trained people back into work environments where they continue to experience difficulty in applying what they have learned. This white paper flips the focus from workers to work, from preparing people for the job to supporting people on the job, and from offering learning and support as an adjunct to work to embedding it directly into the work itself.

Performance support is a tool or other resource which provides just the right amount of task guidance, support, and productivity benefits to the user, precisely at the moment of need. Learn the business case for performance support and how to make it work in this white paper from The eLearning Guild.

We recommend that you save the file to your computer first and then open it. Mid NJ ASTD Chapter Members can download the white paper here.


Performance Support Works! "Best of" Webinars –courtesy of the eLearning Guild

June 26, 2013 Hosted by Bob Mosher, Ontuitive with Learning Leaders from Bank of America, American Express, and Saint Vincent Health System

With the economic, time, and performance demands on learners today, performance support (PS) has moved into the spotlight. These same demands have also changed the way we in learning and development need to approach our overall learning programs, emphasizing performance outcomes over knowledge gain. But how do we get started, and how do we find the right balance between traditional training and PS? Where can we find examples of PS programs and deliverables that work?

Listen as host Bob Mosher of Ontuitive discusses PS that works with leaders from three visionary learning organizations--Beth Daniel of Bank of America, Frank Nguyen of American Express, and Molly Petroff of Saint Vincent’s Health System. They will share their best practices and lessons learned as they’ve transformed their learning organizations, and their enterprises at large, to focus on performance outcomes over knowledge gain.

Mid NJ ASTD Chapter Members can access the recorded webinar here.


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