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Being There When You Can't: VR For New Facility Orientation and Training
Brooks Canavesi, VP Solution Engineering, Allen Interactions
We know that people learn best through real-world experience, but how do we provide those experiences in spaces that are dangerous, distant, or non-existent? See how Metro Health is using VR to simulate a new hospital environment that cannot be entered yet in the real world.


Brooks Canavesi, VP Solution Engineering, Allen Interactions


Brooks Canavesi is a technologist with experience spanning standards, emerging technologies, learning, and science. Brooks is a former enterprise software developer turned solutions architect professional with expertise in software architecture, IoT (Internet of Things), enterprise mobility, emerging technology, business development, and product management. Brooks has focused on bridging the gap between technology and business outcomes to top national logos. Currently, he's a strategic consultant with hands-on experience identifying practical business opportunities, inspiring team commitment, and liaising with key stakeholders. A high-honor graduate of Penn State University, Canavesi holds a bachelor of science in information sciences and technology.

About Allen Interactions: 

Leveraging nearly three decades of extensive experience, Allen Interactions and The Allen Academy partner with organizations on comprehensive learning and talent ecosystem initiatives that include learning strategy, custom development, technology, automation, change management, talent staffing, and instructional design.

Allen Interactions' passion has always been to deliver Meaningful, Memorable, and Motivational learning and technology solutions that are laser-focused on performance improvement. The company takes on challenges for overcoming performance barriers, resistance to change, onboarding, workforce realignment, technology integration, new product introductions and support, and many others.

The CCAF and SAM design and development approaches, developed by e-learning guru and CEO, Dr. Michael Allen, have helped Allen Interactions secure its enduring position at the top of the industry. The mission-driven company has had the honor of educating thousands of professionals and organizations on its e-learning design and development principles for building true instructional interactivity for performance-changing learning. 


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