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Trends in Management & Leadership Development

  • 07 Jun 2016
  • 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
  • Munich Reinsurance Conference Center,555 College Rd. East, Princeton NJ


  • Members of the Mid-NJ ATD or sister chapter

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In this era of bite sized micro-learning, people want to gather as much information as they can in the least amount of time.  Join us at our June Meeting for a "Round Table Cracker Barrel" where our facilitators will guide you through the following topics:  

Kelly Mulholland,  Regional Change Management Consultant, HRD-Talent Management & Development, Munich Reinsurance America, Inc.

Creating a Feedback Culture

As organizations around the world struggle to find the right formula for effective performance management, employees are less satisfied with performance reviews than ever. Even high performers find the process unhelpful and frustrating.

So, What’s right for your organization? What if the answer to that question is “It doesn’t matter, you can spend millions on a new system, or save millions on a simpler process and you will not see an improvement”

Then how do we “fix” the problem? Change your management team’s attitudes and behaviors - Easier said than done. Let’s explore approaches to re-establishing expectations, providing the tools that enable better interactions, and holding managers accountable to ensure they consistently emphasize the most important part of their job - providing regular and meaningful feedback, coaching and development to drive performance.

We look forward to a lively, interactive dialogue to share what does and doesn’t work to make a real change towards creating a culture of feedback. 


Ken Blackwell CEO, InKlaritas

Keeping the Brain in Mind - How Neuroscience Can Improve Coaching & Training 

Researchers have learned more about the brain in the last 20 years than in all of previous human history. Our latest understanding of neuroscience bolsters some age old wisdom and turns other long accepted truths on their heads. When we apply “brain-friendly” approach to coaching and learning & development we can play to the inherent strengths of how the brain works while avoiding some of the pitfalls. We’ll discuss a couple of key neuroscience concepts that can improve productivity, increase learning retention, and overcome barriers to change.    

The Backward Bike -

Julie Murphy  

Optimize Your Mind: Mindfulness as a Leadership Practice

I have a passion for creating the conditions for leaders to thrive and their people to want to come to work each day and contribute the best they have to offer. My work focuses on authentic leadership, presence and providing tools for employees to show up differently in their lives.

Recently certified by the competitive Search Inside Yourself (SIY) Teacher Training Program at the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute in San Francisco, CA    

Beth Williams,  CPC, CPO/Managing Partner - Forward Focus

Improve Your Leadership With Emotional Intelligence

Beth works with leaders who want to improve their emotional intelligence, influencing skills and organizational effectiveness. Through facilitation and executive coaching and consulting, she strengthens leaders’ capacity to effectively make changes resulting in a mobilized and engaged work force. She favors high energy facilitation, that taps into 3rd Way thinking; Values-based Leadership – impacting both a leader’s character and performance; 3-D Vision: change at individual, team and organizational dimensions.

You must register in advance for this session, as we will not be able to accept walk in attendees.  

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