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VideoCharisma: Discover Your On-Camera Star Quality!

  • 24 Mar 2011
  • 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  • East Brunswick Public Library 2 Jean Walling Civic Center (off Ryders Lane) East Brunswick, NJ SPEAKER: Ruth Sherman, "Speech Coach to the Stars"


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If you’re a savvy trainer and marketer who is intrigued by video, knows how important it is to your business and brand, but have been putting off diving in because it seems so complicated and even threatening… then you must attend VideoCharisma with “Speech Coach To The Stars,” Ruth Sherman. Ruth views the explosion of video as a return to “face-to-face.”

Let's face it - the market is saturated and most of that saturation is written content sprinkled with a few still photos and graphic images. But according to a study by the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business, prospects are 72% more likely to purchase a product or service when video is used and their buying decision is faster.

In addition, Video SCARES MOST PEOPLE TO DEATH! So if you use it, you’ll gain a HUGE competitive advantage!

There are a multitude of reasons and ways to connect with video and Ruth will share them with you in a dynamic, interactive and entertaining session that will show you just how easy it is to create compelling video and have fun doing it. Among the issues to be covered will be…

• Equipment – Everything you need to shoot and upload video
• Setting & Background – Creating the perfect background and the one, simple prop that enhances you and your message
• Lighting – Simple and so important because, as my celebrity clients know, lighting is the key to hiding flaws and making you look great
• Appearance –Makeup, dress and adornment so you communicate the right message
• Presentation – Projecting your unique charisma and presence through movement, facial expression and voice
• Video Sites – What they are, what they're best for, how to use them (YouTube is far from the only one)


• CONTENT – You can have all the above, but if your words don’t move people, it’s all useless. Ruth will share some simple formulas that tap into knowledge you already have and your stakeholders want and need.

Finally, two lucky people we have a chance at a VideoCharisma “makeover” right at the event.

SPECIAL BONUSES FOR ALL ATTENDEES: Because Ruth is so thrilled to be speaking for ASTD NJ, she’ll be providing some goodies that ALL attendees will receive. She won’t reveal them all, but she has said that she’ll invite everyone at the event to call her personally to pick her brain about anything related to public speaking, presentation, or video. If it’s within Ruth’s area of expertise, you can ask about it. The other bonuses will be available on a special website that only ASTD NJ attendees will be given access to.

About our Speaker
Known as the “Speech Coach to the Stars,”Ruth Sherman, MA, works with business leaders, politicians and celebrities on high-stakes communications of all kinds including public image, keynotes, webcasts, investor presentations, awards presentations, political campaigns and media contact. As a consultant, coach, and speaker, Ruth has worked with some of the world’s largest and most prestigious companies. Two of her clients have won Oscars and one, the Pulitzer Prize! 

As a leading authority on political communication, Ruth has been widely quoted in the international press arguing that communication skills and style can make or break a race. She is also is an “expert blogger” for Fast Company Magazine on leadership communication. 

Ruth’s book, “Get Them to See It Your Way, Right Away: How to Persuade Anyone of Anything,” has been translated into Chinese and Romanian and also named a Library Journal “Best Business Book.” 

Ruth began her working life as one of a handful of successful New York City jingle-singers. Her voice was heard around the world for clients ranging from Coca-Cola to Clairol and she brings her considerable performing experience to her work with clients. She holds an M.A. in Speech and Interpersonal Communication from New York University.

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