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Regional Webinar Series: Story Design in Real Life, from Analysis to Delivery

  • 26 Feb 2020
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Zoom Webinar


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From Analysis to Delivery is a story about a character named Max who struggles to unearth potential stories for training. Instructional designers and developers often feel overwhelmed by the prospect of writing a story for training, but Story Design is a methodology that they can use in lock step with the instructional design process to unearth the right story for their audience. Storytelling is not reserved for the creative few or the high-tech savvy. It's a competency that every talent developer should master at some level. Story Design provides the structure and tools to aid even the most insecure to design stories for training.

In the session, participants walk through the story with Max as he questions stakeholders and subject matter experts. They watch his design efforts, his mistakes made along the way, and finally see the resulting course. The second half of the session is devoted to discovery, guided by the facilitator. Participants offer their expertise to help Max ask better questions that will pinpoint root problems and business outcomes. They help Max determine if training is the ideal solution.

Once Max has completed the analysis of his audience and documents what they need to do, he can design instruction, beginning with a story. Participants witness the redesign and experience for themselves how the course is transformed by the Story Design model. Max's new course contains a compelling, simple story with real-to-life characters and strong, complex conflict that mirrors actual circumstances. The story is followed through with training examples that demonstrate how Max's story influences every aspect of the course.

All along the way, participants are asked to offer their observations, ask questions and share personal discoveries. Participants learn a method of asking questions of stakeholders and SMEs that unearths important instructional design information. They use that information to create the basic story elements. They walk through the steps of forming those basic elements into a fully designed story. Lastly, they discover how to use the tools they already own to develop the story and fuse it with the instruction.

Simplicity wins the day, because sometimes, in real life, we don't have the fancy tools and equipment to make the learning experience high tech. For those who do, Story Design will give them a solid foundation to implement gamification, micro learning, branching scenarios, virtual reality and a host of other delivery methods.

The dialogue between participants and the facilitator is lively, fun and laser focused on the skills needed to implement Story Design. A handout is provided to reinforce Story Design skills so participants can implement its principles as soon as they get back to work.

Application on the job

  • ·       Ask the right questions of stakeholders and subject matter experts to unearth stories.
  • ·       Design stories and training activities that connect concretely to learning objectives.
  • ·       Develop stories using tools you already own.

About the Presenter:

Rance is a master of discovering, designing and delivering the right story that will move audiences to learn and take action. A consultant, coach and frequent speaker in live and virtual sessions on story-writing, instructional design principles, leadership and communication, he connects stories to powerful learning and engagement.

Named by Training Magazine as a 2016 Emerging Training Leader, Rance inspires talented developers, animators and artists to produce award-winning learning and communications solutions that measurably impact business outcomes. Rance is currently the president of the ATD Dallas Chapter.

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