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Weekly Meeting: Mindful Leadership with Joshua Ehrlich

  • 14 May 2020
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Zoom Meeting
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HostsAlex Winnicker and Ken Blackwell

Guests: Joshua Ehrlich

Mindfulness is both an ability to focus and a mindset that facilitates wellness, high performance and inspiring leadership. Mindful Leadership is a powerful set of tools that enable leaders to transform their effectiveness and drive change. Dr. Joshua Ehrlich will lead our May 14th session, sharing how mindfulness can increase our impact and make us more effective professionals and leaders. Josh is a coach to Fortune 500 companies and an authority on how to succeed in demanding environments. There is no time like the present to focus on our development and build high-performance talent in our organizations.

Together, we will learn to:

·  Develop our concentration, creativity and resilience

·  Prioritize and focus to manage our time

·  Enhance our energy and health by developing positive habits

·  Become more inspiring leaders by clarifying our roles, purpose and values

Here is an overview article you can send as pre-work or to anyone who is interested:

Creating Mindful Leaders and Organizations:

Josh is the Chairman of the Global Leadership Council—an international network of specialists in leadership and organizational transformation. He provides advanced training for leaders and OD/LD professionals in coaching and mentoring, and serves as a Master Coach Supervisor for the European Coaching and Mentoring Council.

Josh's book MindShfiting:

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