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HARNESSING YOUR INSTINCTS TO LEAD--Applying Andragogy to Leadership Development

  • 11 Sep 2024
  • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
  • In Person - Belmar, NJ - Location TBD




Applying Andragogy to Leadership Development



Presenting my new book MOVING ON BY! HARNESSING MY SLED DOG TEAM'S INSTINCT TO WIN! I will share case studies as well as tales from the trial that trainers, facilitators, and consultants will find useful to sell their services as well as inspire and develop high-potential team leaders. Follow-up workshops are available to explore and apply the Self-coaching process employing the eight case studies in the book. Participants will examine andragogical techniques to engage and guide their clients' development goals.

Speaker Bio and Contact Information

Dr. Maddalena has been described as a coach, author, speaker and trailblazer in education and organizational dynamics. As the first woman accepted into Rutgers University’s Labor Education program, she delved into the intricacies of human and organizational behavior, earning an interdisciplinary Doctor of Education with a second major in Human Communications.

While a doctoral candidate she created a management development workshop and established Morris Business Group, Inc. The initiative gained traction at US corporations, making Dr. Maddalena the inaugural woman to lead management seminars at major pharmaceutical and manufacturing entities. Evolving into a global program conducted in multiple languages, this endeavor empowered over 6,000 new leaders.

Transitioning to a role as a Senior Consultant, Dr. Maddalena joined a national consulting company while maintaining her client base as Maddalena Transitions Management.

Specializing in client interventions, conflict resolution, and navigating organizational growth dynamics, she enjoyed six years of pre-dawn and weekend dog sledding. This unique hobby prepared her for the transformative experience of motherhood with sled dogs becoming pets. The leadership and teamwork lessons learned on the trail inspired Dr. Maddalena to write her third book, MOVING “ON BY!” HARNESSING MY SLED DOG TEAM’S INSTINCT TO WIN, presenting leadership Case Studies followed by Insight and Tasks such as where you would run on a dog sled team.

Today, as MTMCoach, Dr. Maddalena is an Executive Coach with the distinction of being the first woman coach at six multinational corporations spanning the pharma, biotech, construction, and manufacturing industries. She guides leaders in demanding occupations, helping them navigate organizational nuances and develop robust networks in new or enhanced roles. Committed to fostering coaching cultures, she has assembled a network of Leadership Coaches aligning development with corporate visions and missions.

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