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(Webinar) Rethinking Learning Design for the 21st Century: A Whack on the Side of the Head

  • 08 May 2013
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Webinar connection info to follow


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Learning designers are trying to using 20th Century learning design methodologies and approaches to solve 21st Century problems. Organizations are dealing with a unique set of challenges in today's 24/7/365, global, multi-generational and mobile world. And yet they also have even greater opportunities for innovation with the readily available access to powerful new technologies. Therefore, it's time to re-think the very principles of learning design to solve these problems while also taking advantage of these new opportunities.

They now have at their disposal an “alphabet soup” of learning and business methodologies – ADDIE, HPT, BP, Six Sigma, LEAN, AGILE, SAM - and an expanding toolkit of formal, informal, social, virtual and mobile technologies and approaches.


In this session we will:

•·         develop a deeper understanding of the 21st Century organizational challenges

•·         (under that context) examine these approaches to identify their strengths and weaknesses when applied to learning design

•·         define a new set of principles for learning design in the 21st Century.


Lance Dublin


Implementing Change, Revitalizing Learning, & Transforming Organizations


Lance Dublin’s work focuses in three primary areas: 1) revitalizing learning; 2) implementing change; and 3) transforming organizations. He brings to his work with clients 30 years of experience in training, education and learning; change management and communications; organizational re-design and development; and, mentoring and coaching.

In working with clients to produce powerful results, he employs proven principles and techniques of creative abrasion and appreciative inquiry. At this intersection, the energy level of the conversation is raised. Alternative assumptions and frames of thought are advocated for. The status quo and current mindsets are challenged. Tension and conflicting viewpoints are introduced. And, at the same time, the positives are found and built upon. The conversation is re-framed from an inclusive perspective. There is praise as well as critique. There is truly deep dialogue. And, at this intersection, the most powerful insights and, therefore, most innovative solutions are born.

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