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Presentation: Raising Learning Engagement with  AI / AR / VR

In this interactive session, the speaker curated a list of AI/ AR /VR learning tools to engage learners in virtual and in-person training settings. Through the demonstration, you will see how to combine innovative technologies and creative learning design.


Serene Wang is a passionate educator, entrepreneur, instructional designer, public speaker, and media influencer. Her achievements have gained her recognition as an Individual with Extraordinary Achievement in the U.S. Her specialty is in instructional design, language training, and research in artificial intelligence. She is one of the best seller authors of language learning in China. 

She serves as the advisor and coach for many U.S. and international companies. She is also engaged in many education institutions' teacher training program as the program developer or trainer. 

Awarded as the top 10 digital instructional designers and Key Opinion Leader in Education, Serene has taught at Columbia and New York Universities. Each of her online live-streaming courses has more than 20 thousand students participating at the same time, and her teaching videos have over 20 million views.

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