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Presentation: Future of Learning: How L&D Can Lead the Way

Future of Work is no longer in the Future... it is here. And the pace with which the workplace is changing is far more than what anyone estimated. The disruption that unfolded with pandemic – the pivot to Zoom, the digital divide among the audience, or the accelerating gig workers are all factors that many L&D organizations had not anticipated. Traditional methods of corporate learning cannot keep up with today's turbulent pace and breadth of change; in general, they are too rigid and fragmented, too unconnected from employees' daily work, and too inefficient and costly. There is an opportunity here for the L&D organizations to utilize technology and the changing landscape to increase relevance and make learning pervasive.

In this session, we will discuss these and other factors that are pacing this change in L&D and ways to accelerate the transformation to meet these changing needs.


Kshitij (Tij) Nerurkar was the North America leader for Education Solutions at Cognizant, a global leader in Digital Consulting Solutions. He recently transitioned to FirstSource. For over 20 years, Tij has advised and implemented digital learning solutions across private and public sector clients on a global basis. At Cognizant, Tij help Education Institutions and Learning Companies develop digital strategies to transform learner experience and skill enablement. He is also providing leadership in bringing Cognizant’s Learning Academy, Corporate Operations and Education Partners together to help bridge the re-skilling gap through innovative synergistic business models as the space between corporate learning and credentialing is rapidly shrinking,

Prior to joining Cognizant, Tij served as President at Tata Interactive Systems, a digital firm that specialized in developing innovative learning experiences for enterprises and academic institutions.

Tij has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Management Studies from University of Bombay, India and he has completed a sales and leadership program at Harvard University. Tij is also on the Executive learning council for Northern NJ ATD.

Read Tij's whitepaper with Cognizant: https://www.cognizant.com/whitepapers/learning-and-development-a-prescriptive-vision-for-accelerating-business-success-codex6410.pdf


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