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Practical Learning Concepts, LLC works with companies who do not have the staff to create eLearning or the company has more work than the staff can handle. PLC consults with businesses on blended learning as well as remote learning and gamification. PLC has created courses, job aids, games, and just in time learning for businesses in retail, government, construction, and education. Reach out if you need help with a learning project.


Jeffrey Riley has over 30 years’ experience in the learning industry as an educator and in the business world. Over time as he worked in industries such as education, insurance, and retail, it became obvious that technology was another tool to help people learn.

Jeffrey has been delivering in person learning for over 30 years and remote learning since 2003 using Webex. Since then, he has used many different programs including Zoom to businesses and individuals. Jeffrey is also an experienced speaker to the learning and development community through in person and Zoom seminars.

Jeffrey is the owner of Practical Learning Concepts consulting with businesses to implement eLearning, gamification, and volunteering with the local Mid New Jersey ATD Chapter as VP of Technology.

Contact Jeffrey through: elearning.game@practicallearningconcepts.com.

Website: https://practicallearningconcepts.com  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffreylriley/

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