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Intela™ is a cloud-based Personalized Microlearning Platform that increases retention levels, maximizes on-the-job application of new knowledge, and improves engagement. The platform delivers multiple types of microlearning and scientifically-based activities to drive long-term results.

  • Microlearning (Subscriptions)
  • Adaptive questioning (Sprints)
  • Gamification (Contests)
  • Assessments

Intela’s powerful capabilities allow you to deliver microlearning in three ways:

      • Adaptive recommendations targeted to each learner’s needs
      • A catalog of on-demand microlessons
      • Magazine-style learning assets delivered to the individual’s inbox

Intela allows you to efficiently develop and deliver microlearning using your own internal resources. If additional content and activity development is needed, we have a full staff of instructional designers, graphic artists, and developers that can help with the production process.

The Intela Personalized Microlearning Platform helps to solve the “forgetting problem” by providing a practical training and reinforcement platform for today’s modern learner.

Website: https://www.intelalearning.com/

Steven Just from Intela is one of our featured speakers in the Showcase. He is speaking September 30, 2020 from 4:00 to 5:00 pm on Learning Strategies and Technologies - What Actually Works?

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Contact us:  

Mid New Jersey ATD
P.O. Box 8567
Princeton, NJ 08543

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